FAQ Parties

Is guest count THAT important?

Answer: Guest count is pretty important! It determines how many lanes you need, how much food we need to prepare and even what time of day a party can take place. We ask for a good tentative headcount at booking, but your final headcount is needed the week of the party!

When’s the best time to schedule my party?

Answer: Availability definitely varies from week to week, but we recommend that you come equipped with a few dates or times that work for you. Some days end up being more popular than others so it’s good to have options!

What am I allowed to bring with me for parties?

Answer: We provide most everything you’ll need once you are here. But we do ask, if you’re looking to bring food, that you make sure it’s a dessert item only (i.e. cakes, cupcakes, pies). We’ll take care of all the paper goods and provide the food. We do ask, however, that you bring a knife to cut your cake, candles, and matches/lighter.

Are decorations allowed?

Answer: There’s nothing that we like more than seeing people get creative with their area! We only ask that you avoid things like silly string, confetti, or other small (slightly messy) types of decorations. Other than that, bring it on! If you have questions about the size of your space for things like photo booths or face painters, please consult with our event booking staff. They are more than happy to help!

Who helps keep my party OUT of the gutter?

Answer: For simple lane reservations and general walk-ins, we have Score-Techs down on the lanes and general staff at every counter. Beyond this, most of our party packages come with a dedicated server already included. They will ensure that you have consistent service throughout the party!

What kind of bar options do you offer?

This question shows your priorities, and we were thinking the same thing! We have 2 basic options. Outside of our large contracted parties, we can either bill you for individual drinks through your server, or we can choose to do drink tickets. There are three tiers:

  • Beer Wine & Well: $7
  • Beer Wine & Call: $8
  • Premium Drink Tickets: $9
  • Each ticket pays for one drink.

How do you serve food during your events?

Answer: Food is served down on the lanes, right behind your bowling couches, so you can devour while you bowl! For our large VIP suite packages, food will be served in chafer dishes. As bowling is still a sport, seating coverage will depend on the amount of bowlers in your group.

Can we use the arcade if we’re here for a bowling reservation?

Answer: Yes, of course! Our onsite arcade allows for a whole other dynamic to your party. Air hockey isn’t just for kids! Don’t forget to ask about attaching arcade cards to your reservation!

We aren’t sure how long the party will last, what happens if we aren’t ready to stop when our allowed time comes around?

Answer: Parties can get you pumped! So much so that you forget the time. Not to worry though, as long as scheduling permits you are more than welcome to add time on the day of your event. Just ask your server or pay the front desk a visit to tack on an extra hour or two!

Why can’t I book a party package on the same day?

In order to ensure our employees have their schedules on time, we have to make sure that all parties that require a server are booked at minimum 2 weeks ahead of your preferred date. As always, we recommend that you have at least 2 dates just in case we aren’t able to book your first choice!