FAQ Walk Ins

Game Rate Vs. Hourly Rate?

Answer: Let’s clear it up!
First is our Game Rate : It’s charged at a per person cost. This will get each person paid for, a game to themselves. This option does not come with a time limit, you can finish as soon as you’d like. Just keep in mind that once those 10 frames are up, you’ll need to purchase another game. This is best when you’d like to take your time and lock in that perfect throw!

Second is our Hourly Rate: This is charged at a per lane, per hour cost. For example, if the hourly rate is $20, and you would like 2 lanes, it will cost you $40 (plus the shoes of course!). Be sure to keep an eye out for that time limit, you’ll have only that amount of time in order to get as many games as you can in! This usually works well for larger groups who would like to limit bowling, or for a couple of people who want to get a many games as they can in a short amount of time.

Are shoes REALLY necessary?

They are! Wearing bowling shoes is safe for you and safe for our approaches. The smooth sole of a bowling shoe is especially designed to allow for that final slide that’s necessary for a bowling throw! If your shoes grip, you will definitely slip! (Make sure there is no moisture on the bottom of your shoe as that can also cause sticking!) Beyond that, our approaches don’t mix well with most other types of shoes. Scuffs and tarnishes are hard to clean out and can be expensive so please do your best to make sure only BOWLING shoes are used up near the lanes!

Where’s that darn DJ?

We have a DJ in weekly on Friday and Saturday nights from 8:30pm - Close!

What’s this “Cosmic Bowling” everyone talks about, and WHEN is it?

One of our biggest and longest running weekly activities, cosmic bowling does away with the yellow lights and regular music of normal bowling times. In their stead are the spatial black lights and LEDs that have come to be it’s signature. The music bumps just a little bit more and the environment goes from bowling, to bowling party!


  • Tuesday - Thursday (after the leagues have gone) we switch on the lights!
  • Friday goes cosmic from 5pm to close
  • Saturday is Cosmic all day!
  • And Sunday is from 12pm - 5pm

My kid got this free game pass from somewhere, can I use it?

It seems you’ve stumbled upon some good fortune. A free game pass! These little tickets allow you one free game for a lucky person of your choice. There are a couple rules that go along with these. First, they must be used before 5pm. Second, they cannot be used on a holiday. Third, only one per person is valid per day. Fourth, they never expire! Keep them as long as you’d like and take the whole family bowling!